Sophie Elinor Martin

Suffolk based artist, Sophie Elinor Martin works in charcoal and spray paint to create large scale and unique perspectives of animals and insects.She combines traditional and contemporary methods to create her unique works.

Her love of art developed from her passion for riding horses to which she was committed, competing nationally until her retirement at 23. Subsequently she finished her degree in Fine Art. Her final work was retained for the university’s private collection.
Sophie lived and worked in London for a while.
In 2012, Sophie returned to Suffolk where she started to create art again. Since the success and sell-out of her first solo art exhibition she has been drawing professionally full time.Today Sophie’s work is becoming a statement and is increasingly popular. Sophie has been commissioned for works around the U.K., Holland, Hong Kong and America.

Sophie Elinor Martin (b 1986 UK)
“ My work is about the phenomena of the physical world collectively placing my creations in mythical and fantasy landscapes. I enjoy fabricating my subjects with expression, energy and colour. There is a contrast between my natural heritage and the industrial cityscape I am so often drawn to.

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