Shaun Hall

I have been making ceramics since 1998, mainly in raku and occasionally volcanic fired stoneware. I like to slab build sculptural ceramic forms but also enjoy throwing a range of ceramic bowls and tea bowls which complement each other. Raku is an especially unpredictable technique which can produce unique effects. Initially I began by firing copper mattes, although I now use raku glazes in cobalt blue or turquoise blue and copper. I'm especially interested in glaze surfaces and textures. I pot from my small studio workshop in north essex and I exhibit across the country and have sold work to various countries as far flung as India, Taiwan, Canada and the US. I am featured in “500 Raku” published by Lark Crafts, and also a new book on Raku published by the Crowood Press and authored by leading Raku practitioner Stephen Murfitt, due for publish in January 2022.

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