Marina Jacobs

Marina is based in Suffolk, England - born in Ipswich and currently living on the east coast, in Felixstowe.

She has painted on and off from the age of 18 when she borrowed some oil paints from her grandmother and has been selling her work since 2007.

Marina works predominantly with oil paint on canvas, loving the luxurious texture of the paint and preferring to work on large canvases.

A self-taught artist, she takes her inspiration from nature, attempting to capture the beauty of scenes that attract her attention and draw her in when she is out walking.

Marina is a member of Ipswich Art Society and Felixstowe Art Group, regularly showing work in the group's local gallery. She has exhibited in Ipswich, Felixstowe and Eye, winning the Award for Best Exhibition Painting in 2018 at the Felixstowe Art Group Annual Exhibition.

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