Jill Hodgson

Jill was an Ipswich Art & Design student in 1980, graduating in interior design in 1984, thereafter she embarked into the commercial world of architecture and interior design.

It wasn’t until her time in Australia 1999 – 2000 inspired by the native plants, that her talents as a designer moved to that of an artist, exhibiting in various shows and galleries in Melbourne. Upon her return to England she settled back into interior design and discovered a new medium to excite her as an artist, Plaster and Paint. Since then she has been exploring developing and producing pieces of artwork.

Her technique is a contemporary use of plaster, similar to pargetting of old, creating a highly textured finish. Her inspiration comes from the medium she works with, its scope, it’s unpredictably and its texture, exploring all types of subject matter from landscapes, figurative to abstract.

More recently she has extended her exploration of plaster into different kinds, including cement, developing 3 dimensional pieces.

Since 2003 she has successfully exhibited her work in various shows and galleries in Suffolk and Essex, becoming a Buckenham Galleries artist in 2006.

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