Jacqui Moed

I have been creating art in various forms from watercolours and graphics to jewellery and card making for many years, and for a time, when living in London, traded out of several markets in Camden, Swiss Cottage and Covent Garden on weekends.

I started a company - Jaxart, designing letterheads, company logos and personal stationery in the eighties but when the personal computer market and desktop publishing took off and people were able to do this for themselves, I had to evolve and develop new ways of expressing my creativity. And, although working full-time in the commercial world, I continued to explore different avenues of art and craft. It was about fifteen years ago that, working with mixed media, that my current work began to take shape and became Jaxart Fantasy Landscapes.

My artwork focuses on texture and colour and is inspired by my love of the landscape and seashore; drawing on my experience of the spectacular Southern African scenery (where I spent my childhood) as well as travels around Europe and the UK and from a sense of fun. My conceptual art is based on a fabric foundation and then embellished by using techniques such as heat-forming and moulding and using a variety of materials such as beads, paint, wire, wood, shells, clay and anything else I find applicable.

I love the challenge of using a new technique or type of substance and making it work where possible, and now, doing this full-time, I continues to develop and improve, while also relying on feedback to help guide my choices.

My work has sold successfully in carefully chosen outlets in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire, and, I am pleased to say, has had good responses at exhibitions and art galleries.

I work out of my studio in the village of Wakes Colne, Essex, where I live with my husband and cats.

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