Eileen Coxon

I was born and grew up in the countryside of Hampshire in an area renowned for its natural beauty. This instilled a life-long love of the natural world which still forms the basis for my work. Daily walks in the lanes and footpaths near my home in Brampton provide my material. Leaves, twigs , stones, photos and sketches etc., are sometimes collected but mostly it is the EXPERIENCE that counts and memory plays a large part in the final paintings, together with studio practice. I love the softness and intimacy of the Suffolk landscape and hope to capture something of this. Most of my paintings are oils and although landscape-based often contain an element of abstraction. They are rarely a literal ‘view’ or even a single place as, above all else, I am making a painting. Enjoying close scrutiny of botanical detail, I sometimes make watercolour studies of these. Some take the form of the Leporello (concertina book). The unfolding nature of the book seems to mirror the pace and rhythm of walking beside the hedgerow that informs them.

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