Ali Kramarchuk

I consider myself a textile artist even though the medium I work with is metal, creating my own textiles by knitting on a knitting machine with copper, silver, white or black fine gauge wire.
Over the last twenty years I have developed a range of silver and copper fine finished fairly sculptural textile jewellery most of which is very individual and almost wearable art.
By recycling old copper wire and knitted jewellery samples I have created a collection of exquisite magical figures which have found their own niche among fairy lovers.
The experience of creating by recycling only the materials I already have, find or made is really inspiring and has helped develop my work in directions and in ways I hadn’t predicted . So my new work has been a lot more sculptural producing 3d wall art with recycled copper. Making pieces with the knitted wire textiles using their fluidity and ability to hold their form has meant that I can create wonderful shapes inspired by the sea and the natural structures in my garden.

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