Winter Walks

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Oil on Box Canvas
51cm x 61cm



Sarah Barrow

Born in North Yorkshire with a family mining heritage, a love of art and painting has always been my passion. However, completing an economics degree and pursuing an early career in IT sales, led me to work in a very male dominated London environment. I found observing the dynamics of the city, business and people fascinating, and decided to return to my passion of painting. People, their relationship to others and their surroundings has since become my muse. It is my hope to put down on canvas the images in my head that reflect the life I have had so far and the observations I make. These can be simple appreciations of every day life and are often related to my observations of people: the way they move, the way they interact, the way their stature and body language gives them away at any moment in time and how we are all individuals yet together a movement.