Watching the Waves

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Mixed media on Board
65cm x 65cm

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John P Stone

I originally grew up in urban areas around south London and Essex. Around six years ago I moved to the Suffolk coast which had a tremendous impact on my art and the direction it took. I drew inspiration from the street art I'd known, and the beautiful seascapes of the coastline. It made sense to me to combine the urban and the coast together, and this is where "Stoney's Style" originated. My artwork reflects the use of strong graphic lines, my love of collage and the bold use of colour using acrylic paints. Recently, I have included in my work my love of birds. I use a collage technique to portray the birds and the fauna that I encounter in and around the coast of Suffolk and Norfolk. The bright orange and red support vessels are forever present along the coast, and it seemed right that I should include those too.