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Silver Plated Cutlery on Suffolk Driftwood
Approx 15cm tall



Chantal Chaervey

Chantal was born and grew up in Singapore and the far east while her father was serving in the army. She was quite often seen playing with and helping the asian people with their crafting skills. After leaving the Army she went to art school as a mature student obtaining Honour degrees in Fine Art, botanical and historical Illustration and silver smithing. Her final piece being a silver set of cutlery hand hammered with asian dragon beast handles. The realization that the digital camera will reduce the chance of a profitable career for those with the skills to paint and draw to a photo realistic standard a different path was sought. To achieve a new direction Chantal painted with celebrated wild life artist Roy Chaffin, and to develop a more relaxed approach a chance meeting allowed her to paint with Ian Drury. Still not contented still seeking a different route she was introduced to Avtarjeet Dhanjal . This introduction was to change her life as new skills in metal working was learned and how to interpret her passion for the natural world and eastern influences of her childhood. After some years of experimentation cutlery soon proved to be the preferred medium. This allowed her fascination of the unpredictability of silver and silverplated cutlery when reformed into animals and birds. Chantal has now been sculpting with cutlery for over 25 years with work in Russia north America and various parts of Europe. She now lives in Suffolk with her two sons and fits her sculpting around caring for her disabled son.