Abstract I

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Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf
26cm x 26cm



Claire Dowson

I was born and brought up in Lowestoft. After Art College (Camberwell) in London, most of my adult life was spent in various inland parts of the country but I always knew I would someday return to live in the beloved seaside town of my youth. This mission was accomplished on 16 May 2003 when I moved into my cosy cottage in Pakefield with its north-light studio. My work has always been varied both in subject and style due to my need for experiment and innovation. My recent paintings seek to draw all these various strands together into one signaure of painting, recognisable as my own. I cannot choose between oils and watercolour because I love using them both and I find the subject will always choose its medium. I use mixed media and collage sometimes, for fun. This part of the east coast has always fascinated me with its relentlessly changing mood, providing a unique atmosphere, incomparable with any other coastal region. The pounding of the waves on the shore is to me like the heartbeat of the world, both soothing and awe-inspiring. No surprise then that a favourite subject for my painting is the sea, shore and related aspects that move me. I am rarely motivated by what I think will sell but by a love of looking at subjects from very close and enjoying exploring the interplay of light, shade, colour, pattern and texture. With this figuarative approach as a starting point, the painting itself takes over and insists on the inclusion of parts of my mind and my passion. The reason for painting, writing music or composing poetry must be deeply, honestly and passionately felt. Without this ingredient, Art is nothing.