Susan Laughlin

My background is fine art but in July 2020, l suddenly put my brushes , paints and charcoal down and just walked away. Not something l ever thought l'd do! I couldn't even go into my studio to clear up for six months!

I came into jewellery making completely by accident when, later that year, l wanted to make my daughter a rough opal pendant for her birthday. I bought a rough Welo Opal and some silver wire and set about it. Unsurprisingly, l made a complete hash up of it! I decided l needed to do some research and followed a wire wrapping tutorial. Although it was far from perfect, l was really chuffed with the outcome. I was hooked!

For 9 months, l followed wire wrapping and weaving tutorials, the air blue whilst my hands got to grips with the new movements and skills they had to learn! After that, l started to make my own designs and then to gradually teach myself silversmithing. I had three 1:1 classes at the beginning of this year where l was taught how to make a simple ring and how to use a piercing saw. I'm so enjoying this journey; learning new skills, shaping the silver and working with semi precious gemstones. All the silver l use is recycled and where possible, gems are bought from sustainable sources.

Just goes to show, you never know where life is going to take you or what's around the corner.

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