Susan Czopor

Dreaming of Birds Figures

After producing commemorative slipcast teasets from moulds I made. I returned to my love of handbuilding and exploring ideas through figurative sculpture.

My Dreaming of Birds figures developed from the idea of a figure in a dress comtemplating the joy of birds, and are the third in a series, beginning with Dreaming of the Sea and Dreaming of the Garden.

The figures are slipcast from a mould of my original sculpture. The birds on the head and shoulders are individually formed and added to each slipcast figure making each one unique.

My ‘Dreaming of Birds’ figures bring together my love of painting, colour and nature. I am inspired by the organic curves in Art Nouveau, Staffordshire figurines and 19th century ceramics which reflected a renewed interest in nature through form and surface decoration. I am also drawn to the serene and timeless expressions in the faces of medieval Madonna figures in churches.

All the current figures in the gallery have been made since 2021. They have been painted and glazed using new materials to achieve the lovely bright colours and been fired 3 times to obtain a beautiful finish.

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