Rose Ledbury - Aquamarine Silver

Rose became a Jeweller & a Scuba Diver in the same week.
In 1991 she enrolled at The University of Central England's School of Jewellery, in Birmingham's famous 'Jewellery Quarter', beginning four years of jewellery training, followed by 10 years working in the jewellery industry.

Three days later, she joined the University's Scuba Diving Club, later she joined Leamington & Warwick BSAC, then Guildford BSAC, gaining the Advanced Diver qualification, and becoming an instructor.

"My involvement with the sea began at an early age, exploring Cardigan Bay with my family, on our boat, Trina. We had many close encounters with marine life, the most memorable being a pod of bottle nosed dolphins that came to play, leaping around the boat, pursuing us for quite some time. Another time we came across a dense mass of jellyfish - I marvelled at the gracefulness of these odd creatures, and a fascination with the sea never left me."

Her studio in Surrey makes a good base for weekend dives on the south coast, whilst longer holiday to Scotland and occasionally further afield offers much of the inspiration for her work. "I love to just drift and observe the creatures in their natural environment. I am always impressed by the way creatures move in the water, they hold a natural energy and move gracefully in their element. Shoals of fish have a particular magic- moving as one, like an elegant dance."

Aquamarine means sea water, and according to the ancients, the gemstone is said to hold the 'Spirit of the Sea', a sentiment which Rose strives to capture in her designs

"I am always conscious of the wearer when developing my designs; reflecting their desires and style. The jewellery has to be elegant and stylish and, of course, is made to the most superb quality - they are often fun and always a pleasure to wear"

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