Richard Kimmerling

1975 Graduated Cambridge University
1976- 1995 Taught English in Secondary Schools in East Anglia
2004 Graduted Ipswich Schools of Art, UEA.

Having lived and worked in East Anglia since my boyhood, my art has always been firmly rooted in its landscape. The sense of infinite possibility and mystery, which this landscape had to offer me as a boy has always stayed with me and is reflected in the way in which I approach my work. I am constantly aware of the weather in this part of the world, patly because of its vast skies and low horizons and partly through my interest in growing things. The very small smallholding, where my wife and I have lived for 35 years and where we raised sheep, pigs and children has given me direct engagement with the landscape and made me conscious of just how big a part it has played in my life.

I am an old fashioned print maker at heart, making etchings and lithographs but also indulging my passion for drawing and painting when time allows. My work has been exhibited with The Contemporary Art Society in London, with the Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries, London, and in both public and private galleries thoughout East Anglia.

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