Nicholas Simington

"I try to create works which have a magic presence and tension; the first is often present in the art of children.
I try also to make my painting work on as many levels as possible, and my compositions are chosen for their formal qualities which help to create a certain mood and present an idea. It is statements of an idea that I am making, rather than statements of perception. I try to create the essence of my subject, the exact shape, the final shape that works. The paintings, therefore, have a reality of their own tensions and contrasts, and do not mirror nature.
The spiritual intention has absolute precedence over an optically exact rendering of nature"
Nicholas Simington was an artist for over forty years. His work has been exhibited at The Serpentine Gallery, London, and in one-man shows in numerous galleries across the UK. It is held in private collections in Canada, Australia, America, Italy and Britain. He is also represented in the Public Collection of the NHS.

Although Nicholas died in 2020, his work continues to be exhibited and enjoyed worldwide; a fitting legacy for a great talent.

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