Morag Reekie

I studied Sculpture at Sheffield Hallam University from 1998 to 2001 gaining a BA in Fine Art. After graduating I started a family, bringing up my three children, a constant source of inspiration! In 2015 I began working with and assisting my father, David Reekie, who is a glass artist. In October 2015 I started to make my own cast glass work, using the lost wax technique. I am an active member of the Contemporary Glass Society, exhibiting work in their online exhibitions and have also been picked to exhibit my work in a few of their selected exhibitions. At the same time I have work in other UK commercial galleries.

Working with glass as my medium is always interesting. Using the lost wax technique I am able to create my own unique forms using wax giving me the capability to sculpt with the detail I require. Casting them in glass makes the forms permanent with the addition of vast range of colours, characteristics and textures that glass provides. I like to add found objects or other props to my work. Transforming them into a piece of art, changing their purpose and giving them a new lease of life. In doing so, I want my pieces of sculpture to tell their own stories. My objective is to inspire thought in the meaning and to make people smile!

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