Miranda Peckitt

Very Colourful Jewellery
VCJ is anodised aluminium jewellery hand painted with inks and dyes to create bold and colourful pieces of art inspired collections by Miranda Peckitt. The vibrant designs maintain their spontaneity by not working to set patterns or preconceived ideas, although there are many influences. Experimenting with colour and free brushstrokes is where the heart of the work lies and is fundamental to the brand – unique, stylish wearable art. A selected few have inscriptions varying from artistic sentimentalities to slightly mischievous.
Miranda’s jewellery career started a long way from jewellery in publishing and it was her late father, Michael Peckitt, who started VCJ and suggested she join him to create a family business. It was established over 20 years and Miranda has learnt her trade within the art and jewellery world with her father, family, friends, artists, makers and other jewellers.
Leave ordinary behind.

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