Lesley Pyke

Lesley was born in 1962 in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) into a family of artists. She was taking painting commissions from the age of 13
However, in 1983, she stumbled on the art of glass engraving and never looked back.
"I scratched a simple flower, using a basic diamond pencil, and on holding it up to the light I was overwhelmed with emotion, its magical characteristics were such a delight. It changed the course of my life immediately."

Lesley proceeded to teach herself with books and videos tapes purchased from the UK (no computers or internet in those days). Within a few months she was being commissioned by family and friends, so a small business began and flourished for the next 19 years in Zimbabwe, using both drill and sandblasting techniques on the smallest glasses to panels and sliding doors.

In 2001 she moved to the UK where she built the same business from scratch. Lesley still engraves in 2 main techniques, drill and sandblast, often combining them for unique effects. The glass and crystal used are both clear and colour overlay.

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