Juliet Gorman

I have been developing smoke-fired ceramics since 1994. Influences of Africa, with a contemporary interpretation, are always apparent in the work.

Strong, uncomplicated shapes led themselves to the effect of smoke. I enjoy using traditional hand building techniques to explore form, pattern and texture. A mixture of earthenware and porcelain clays are used.

The process of making is a slow, and very tactile one. Refining the shape is a slow but satisfying process, as is the burnishing, that takes place when the clay is leather hard.

The pots are fired in an electric kiln once they have dried out thoroughly. Patterns and marks are applied to the surface and the pots are then smoke-fired in either dustbins or a brick kiln using various combustible materials.

The pots are then cleaned off, dried and polished with beeswax. It is only at this final stage that the true nature of the work can be seen.

Each pot is an individual creation and the pattern and marks, produced by the smoke, makes each pot totally individual.

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