George W Gill DGA

Award Winning Artist

George was born in Sheffield 10 October 1949. After some travelling in his early youth, George studied 'Painting and Drawing' in Sheffield, in Oxford, in St Albans. George then studied ‘Illustration' at Watford College of Art & Design (1970-1980) He acquired a DGA - Degree in Graphic Arts. George saw something special in what might seem ordinary to others. Translating these images, he created unique paintings of landscapes, towns, and of glimpses attracted to him. George also was fascinated by the everyday life and business of people in towns or on beaches, revealing the variety and richness of colours and shapes. His favourite medium was painting in Oils, but he also experimented in other media. George always wanted to retain his integrity in his work. Twice George’s work was accepted at the London Royal Academy of Art. He exhibited/sold in the London Mall Galleries’ various exhibitions many times, where he received his ROI Award for ‘Outstanding Work’, and several more Artwork awards nationwide. He featured in the EDP in EastAnglia and in Art Magazine press releases. George as an artist and musician, used to say “Art and Music define my life”.

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