Frances Hale

Fran Hale

I have been involved in crafts for most of my adult life in one form or another. I was however always a frustrated artist. Until a couple of good friends encouraged me to 'have a go'. So I did.
That was 5 years ago. I started by remembering my childhood. My parents would save all year to take my Brother and myself away on holiday. It would be Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or somewhere on our glorious coast. We would be bundled into my Dad's motor bike sidecar with all our stuff packed around us and head off to a tiny little caravan at the seaside. Two weeks of fun and sand castles lay ahead. I am sure by now you have realized I'm no spring chicken.
I use all of these memoires as inspiration for my paintings. I try to bring to life all the colour, fun and daftness of those happy days. In fact I still only holiday around our great coast line. Why would I go anywhere else? I am never happier than seeking out new places to paint and then painting them.
And now I have a new way to be happy.
The ceramics are a new project for me and has very quickly become a passion. Again my love of The Great British seaside features and ceramics allow me to create 3D pieces which satisfy my passion to surround myself by all the fun of being on holiday.
My hope is that my work makes you smile.

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