David Buck

I am based in Lowestoft, and have exhibited in numerous galleries including the Ferini Gallery (Lowestoft), Steeple Gallery (Halesworth), The Cut (Halesworth), Blackthorpe Barn (Bury St Edmunds), Abel Arts, Ravingham, Upstairs Gallery (Beccles), Piccaso’s Gallery (Gorleston) and others.

I have displayed in mixed media shows and one-man shows, I also sell privately and have work in private collections. I have worked on numerous commissions, book covers etc.

Every new painting creates a new emotional response to a subject. I always like to experiment with someting new, I will have a certain feeling and mood in mind when starting a painting. I never try to represent the subject in a totally realistic manner, the work usually starts with a central theme in which design and forms grow out and around the subject. My inspiration comes from mythology, nature, animals and science. For me success is in the final stages of painting.

I hope to capture fleeting moments for contemplation, in which to engage the viewer aesthetically and emotionally.

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