Colin Devine

Colin Devine studied graphic/ commercial design at the Norwich school of Art in the late sixties. He then became a rock musician and played at various gigs around the country; at one point doing a gig with the Sex Pistols. After many personal and professional disasters he eventually finished up at Essex University where (having made a nuisance of himself for three years) the authorities were kind enough to award a 2:1 in Philosophy and Art History. For two years after graduation he shared a house in South London with the religious/mystic poet Nic Orengo. He refers to these years as his 'Withnail and I' season. Completely out of the blue he was offered a teaching job in Greece. For the next few years he wandered around Europe from one casual teaching post to another. On returning to the UK and his native city he decided it was time to put his artistic talents to work and emboldened upon a self guiding course as a visual artist. As you see from this collection his work does not, like his person, neatly fall into one category or another. He has a roving intelligence and his work amply reflects this aspect of his character. His paintings traverse the boundaries between Representational, Abstract Expressionism ,Traditional figurative and his latest endeavour - Surrealist Landscapes.
Apart from being an artist/musician he is also a potter.
As to the nature and purpose of ART ; he agrees with the unknown Greek priest who said - 'Art is Religion'.

However, it is probably more important than that.

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