Barry Mickleburgh

Barry was born in 1952 at Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. He attended the Staatliche Art Academy, Karlsruche, Germany and the Norwich School of Art, England. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Painting.

Barry spends a great deal of time on preparatory work, observing and sketching the behaviour, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies of wildlife. Many of the images, particularly the birds, derive from his drawings made in the fields and woods around his home or in the National Parks of America.

He uses the delicate traditions of oil on linen to portray his satirical observations of human nature. Whether in representational form or through the use of natural subjects, like crows and ravens, it is a pleasure to observe the innate sense of humour and distinct charm his work reflects.

The ‘human’ qualities infused in his subjects will bring a knowing smile to the viewer. His use of birds that, in his words, “can look you in the eye” together with his rich colours produce a unique style of painting, strong in drama and presence.

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