Annemarie Oshelda

Award Winning Artist

Annemarie was born in Vienna/Austria on 8th December 1959.
She came to London in January 1980. During the early 1980s, life unfolded for Annemarie in the UK.
Annemarie studied Painting & Drawing and Art-Foundation at Sir John Cass School of Art in London, and attended a Workshop with Ken Paine at the London Mall Galleries, which led her to exploring portrait painting.
After moving to the country (Hertfordshire, England), she met her second husband in 1996, George W Gill, a very talented artist. George encouraged her artistic side; they became critics of each other’s work, which led both their art to evolve. George often opened her ways toSee when looking.
Annemarie began to use lighter, but strong expressive colours with oils as her favourite medium,
Annemarie won 1st Prize for Expressive Art at the London ArtBiennale.
Her work was exhibited twice and Sold at the London Royal Academy, and shortlisted by the RoyalWestOfEngland Academy.
She also showed paintings at Tuscany Italy and Vienna Austria.
Listening to music and playing the bass guitar or piano, influence and inspire many of her paintings.
Annemarie aims to capture the movement and the feeling of what she sees, expressing this by combining figurative elements and moving towards the abstract.

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