Annabel Mednick

Annabel Mednick is a figurative artist, making textured, expressive paintings and portraits, full of nuances of light, colour and atmosphere, in oil on canvas. She has exhibited widely and won awards for her portraits, including a prize at the prestigious BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery.

Her interiors are about the drama of the quiet moment. In between the big events of life, light from the outside world pours in and moves around the figures, linking them to the past, the future and to everyone else. Her portraits examine and share the personality of the sitter.

Annabel also works thematically over periods of time to create bodies of work to be presented in their entirety. For many years Annabel has collaborated with the same model, enabling the paintings to go beyond the surface image, exploring mood, expression, the application of paint, scale, and the relationship between the figure and the space around the form.

In her paintings, women are not objectified or passive. Often, they look at the viewer; strong, real, breathing people, leading vital lives.

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