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Andrew Rawson




Before becoming a full-time sculptor, Andrew worked in Civil Engineering quality control, which included some contracts in the deserts of the Middle East. He now lives in his native Norfolk, with his wife and two sons.
Andrew creates representative and abstract sculptures exclusively from wood. Some are meticulously planned in advance by first making a machet. The majority, however, evolve as the sculpting proceeds. This allows him more creative freedom which can flourish without the constraints of predetermined shapes and forms.
Andrews work is inspired by many sources such as the Norfolk Coast, the deserts of the Middle East, the bizarre and the human female form.
His approach to the creation of a sculpture will often be determined by the wood itself, and becomes a celebration of the natural beauty of this most tactile medium. He reveals otherwise hidden shapes, forms and patterns in the wood, including the natural figuring which can form part of the overall stunning and unique effect. “Its feels like looking for hidden treasure” is how he describes it.
Buckenham Galleries, Southwold
Big Blue Sky, Wells Next the Sea
Doric Arts, Kings Lynn