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Nina Parker


Nina Parker – Working Glass jewellery
As a child I would covet my grandmother’s button box. It contained a lovingly gathered collection of bits and pieces - not just buttons but also a loose assortment of broken paste brooches, trinkets, tokens and glass beads. I would spend hours arranging and re-arranging, threading and unthreading them or simply just touching them.
No surprise then that my adult life is consumed by the same passion for sourcing unusual little bits and pieces, both new and vintage – be they shiny or colourful or both and for transforming them into unusual and highly wearable contemporary jewellery items. My designs rarely stand still. They constantly change and evolve, with much of my inspiration coming from the seasonal changes in the gardens, hedgerows and coastline around my home in Dorset.
Since setting up my studio in 2004, I’ve been lucky enough to both supply and exhibit in many of the most well respected galleries across the UK.  However, most of all I love what I do and I very much hope that shows in the pieces that I make.