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Juliet Gorman




Juliet has had her hands in clay for 33 years – a sobering thought. Her real passion, however, only really showed itself when she was introduced to the smoke-firing technique in 1994. She gave up teaching seven years ago to concentrate on experimenting and developing her own ceramics, trying to keep an honest association to the roots of the smoke-firing process.

Her work emulates her African origin, which given the technique, is very appropriate in so many ways. The majority of the ceramic pieces are based on her own photographs taken during visits to various parts of Africa, from memories and research. Juliet enjoys the challenge of finding the right shape, texture and colour, to assist the smoke in creating a unique piece of work. She continues to experiment and push out the boundaries of this process, realising that there is always a new avenue to explore.

At present Juliet is working on a collection of ceramic pieces which are inspired from “A Journey into Namibia”, taken in May 2009.