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Rudie Mann


Rudie gained a BA hons degree in Fine art sculpture at Leicester polytechnic in 1986.
On leaving polytechnic he did a selection of jobs that were art based; teaching life drawing in adult education was the most enjoyable and rewarding.
In 1994 Rudie moved with my family from Manchester to a small village on the Norfolk coast, where he has a small studio.
He has two themes to his work, the human figure and the horse. The figure has always held a fascination for him. This work is based on people he has seen on his local beach. The horse is from the days when Rudie first left school and worked as a stable lad and then a farrier.
The work is model in clay first and then a mould taken in plaster. He then casts in resin, which allows him to have varies types of finish.
Rudie has had numerous exhibitions over the years and private commissions.