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Jill Desborough


Jill works as a commercial sculptor as her day job in areas such as Fine
Art, architectural decoration, theatre and museums. Her own work has run
alongside in parallel as far as time allows!
Having started printing about 10 years ago and found etching re-ignited a
love of drawing and illustration, which pre-dated going down the
sculptural route at Art College.
She is inspired by the gothic, theatrical and curious, drawing on dark
fairy tales,and writers like Chaucer and Mervyn Peake, as well as images
from her own imagination.
Jill is a member of two printmaking groups- 12PM and Cuckoo Farm, and
exhibit regularly with them nationally. Numerous other exhibitions have
included East Anglian Open, Essex Open, The Minories Colchester,
Leicester Art Gallery and a travelling show in Germany.